Domestic Business Tax Planning

Reducing Your U.S. Business Taxes Through Careful Planning

The future of federal tax law is never certain. Much depends on the economic and political climate. Yet that doesn’t mean you should put aside planning ahead. For both domestic and international businesses, there is much you can do now to reduce your tax obligations. Proactive planning is the best way to protect your business interests for both the short and long term.

Tax-Saving Strategies For Businesses

Taxes are among the most significant expenses businesses face. Tax planning is essential not only for improving your business’s financial outlook, but also for avoiding unanticipated liabilities. The Internal Revenue Code imposes harsh civil — and sometimes criminal — penalties for noncompliance. Pursuing sound legal guidance now is well worth the investment to avoid costly consequences later.

At MillarLaw, a boutique tax law firm based in Los Angeles, we provide experienced tax planning services for businesses across the country and around the globe. Our legal team is well-versed in the nuances of federal and California state tax law. We can provide detailed guidance tailored to the needs of your business, helping you take advantage of tax-saving strategies such as:

  • Correctly classifying your business to reduce your tax rate
  • Claiming all available deductions, credits and incentives
  • Deferring taxable income through accounting strategies
  • Structuring business transactions to minimize your tax liability

Our attorneys have ideal backgrounds for developing effective business tax planning strategies. Both hold advanced degrees in taxation (Mr. Millar’s a master’s in business taxation, and Ms. Galyan’s an LL.M. in taxation), reflecting a high degree of training and knowledge in this extraordinarily complex field.

At MillarLaw, your business — and bottom line — will benefit from the exceptional strengths of our lawyers: a certified specialist in tax law with 40 years of experience and an attorney-CPA (certified public accountant).

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