Tax Controversies

Protecting Your Interests In High-Stakes Tax Controversies

The IRS has many tools and resources for enforcing the Internal Revenue Code. When a tax controversy arises, obtaining a favorable resolution may hinge on your ability to meet the IRS with the same high degree of skill, experience and knowledge.

At MillarLaw, you will find an experienced tax law team with 40-plus years of combined experience. We have devoted our practices exclusively to this niche field. We understand the high financial stakes that are often involved in tax disputes. Our team applies a results-oriented approach toward resolving tax controversies in a favorable, efficient manner.

Benefit From The Firm’s Vast Experience And Wealth Of Knowledge

We provide advocacy and advice for clients facing high-stakes tax problems, both domestic and international. We have vast experience representing taxpayers in audits, examinations and investigations before the IRS and California state taxing authorities. Our services include:

  • Protecting your interests during all stages of the audit/examination process
  • Responding to summons, statutory notices of deficiency and Information Document Requests (IDRs)
  • Identifying and protecting privileged information
  • Challenging tax liens, levies, garnishments and other enforcement measures
  • Pursuing innocent spouse relief, separation of liability relief and other forms of equitable relief
  • Requesting abatement of tax penalties
  • Advising you on proactive risk management strategies for mitigating your liability exposure down the road
  • Advocating for a favorable outcome through mediation, arbitration or litigation
  • Challenging an adverse decision before the IRS Appeals Office
  • Litigating against the IRS in the U.S. Tax Courts, District Courts or Court of Federal Claims

The firm’s attorneys hold advanced degrees in taxation. Attorney Sanford Millar has a master’s degree in business taxation. As a result, we understand not only the intricacies of the Internal Revenue Code, but also the administrative procedures outlined in the IRS’s Internal Revenue Manual. We are well-versed in the rules of evidence and procedural rules for federal courts.

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The IRS has experienced agents working for it. You need someone just as knowledgeable on your side. You need MillarLaw. For help during an audit or other IRS or state tax problem call 310-556-3007 or contact us online. From our office in Los Angeles, we work with individual and business taxpayers worldwide.