IRS & State Tax Problems

IRS & State Tax Problems

Your IRS tax problems may begin with a letter sent to you in the mail — the IRS sends over 500,000 of these letters to taxpayers every year.When you get something in the mail from the IRS or state tax authorities, does your heart rate go up? Well, you aren’t alone. With the exception of a check from the IRS or the state tax agencies, any tax communication is nerve-racking. Even a simple request for substantiation of income or expenses can cause sleepless nights. No one wants to open a letter from the IRS or state taxing agencies, but ignoring it could jeopardize your property and bank account.

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You Three Choices: Comply, Refuse Or Do Nothing

irs-tax-problems When the IRS or a state tax agency asks you for more information on your taxes, you have the choice: you can comply, refuse, or ignore it. But if you refuse or ignore the IRS, they have methods to compel compliance including summons enforcement through court order. Now if you still do not cooperate, you could face sanctions for criminal or civil contempt.

A summons to hand over books and records or other data carries the threat of court enforcement. The mere fact that the IRS issues a summons is a stern message. A summons ups the ante, showing you the IRS is playing tough and is willing to go to court.

What grounds can anyone cite for not complying? Common grounds are work product protection or attorney-client privilege, but the bar is high. You should be aware: The IRS uses its summons power frequently today, and court fights are becoming very common. In fact, summons cases have become one of the hottest types of tax litigation. You should also be aware that the Required Records Doctrine allows the IRS to obtain otherwise incriminating documents and records from you or your accountant.

Whenever you encounter an IRS letter or summons, consider seeking out the best legal advice available to you. Things can escalate very quickly with the IRS, and you want someone on your team with the experience and expertise to guide you through the process.

Facing A Tax Audit? Get Legal Help Now.

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