Tax Audit Representation

Representation During IRS Tax Audits

Learning that you have been selected for an audit can trigger a cascade of questions, uncertainties and anxieties. Whether your personal or business returns are at issue, the stakes may be high. Substantial tax liabilities, civil penalties and even criminal proceedings could all be possible outcomes.

You have the right to legal representation throughout the tax audit process. As soon as you receive notice of an audit, you have an important opportunity to start crafting a proactive strategy from the outset with the help of qualified legal counsel.

Tax Law Professionals With 40-Plus Years Of Experience

At MillarLaw, a tax law boutique in Los Angeles, we protect the interests of taxpayers facing audits and other tax controversies. Our attorneys have strong backgrounds not only in tax law, but also in finance, accounting and business. These well-rounded perspectives give us the ability to identify opportunities for swift and favorable resolutions.

Our legal team combines strengths in tax law, financial acumen and business savvy to protect the financial interests of clients in high-stakes audits.

We represent taxpayers — including businesses, high-asset individuals, tribal interests, e-commerce companies and Internet gaming companies — facing:

  • Correspondence audits involving letters and phone conferences
  • Office audits involving in-person interviews and examinations
  • Field examinations conducted on-site at your organization’s place of business
  • Target audits, including verification audits, financial status audits, Limited Issue Focused Examinations and employment tax audits
  • Compliance checks for tax-exempt organizations

Additionally, our lawyers handle state tax audits conducted by the California Franchise Tax Board, the State Board of Equalization and the Employment Development Department.

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If you are facing an IRS income tax audit or a business-related audit, you need an experienced tax attorney in your corner. For help, call MillarLaw at 310-556-3007 or contact us online for more information.