International Tax Law

International Tax Law: Protecting Your Wealth

In today’s increasingly global world, it’s not uncommon for individuals, families and businesses to have ties to multiple nations. International tax law involves protecting your wealth, managing your assets and mitigating your tax liability through various strategies.At MillarLaw, a boutique tax law firm based in Los Angeles, we have more than 40 years of experience handling complex international tax matters. You can feel confident turning to our lawyers for guidance on all aspects of international tax law, including:

  • Properly reporting foreign income and accounts to the IRS and state taxing authorities
  • Pursuing voluntary disclosure for previously undisclosed offshore accounts
  • Claiming foreign tax credits to offset your U.S. tax liability
  • Creating offshore businesses in strategic jurisdictions, which may defer or reduce tax obligations
  • Establishing offshore branches for U.S. corporations, which may reduce risk in various ways
  • Careful international tax planning — for example, creating the right entity and structuring the business to minimize tax liability
  • Migrating profits from a high- to low-tax jurisdiction to take advantage of profit shifting

Partnering With Individuals And Businesses Around The World

Our clients include individuals with international ties — for example, U.S. citizens living abroad, lawful permanent residents (green card holders), EB-5 visa holders, ex-patriots and dual nationals. If you have significant assets and high net worth, you may benefit tremendously from proactive tax planning strategies.

We also work with a diverse array of businesses, from small family-owned enterprises all the way up to international corporations. Our goal is to help clients take advantage of their options for reducing tax liability and avoiding tax problems down the road.

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For assistance reducing your worldwide tax liability, call 310-556-3007 or contact us online. Our lawyers offer a full range of international tax services.